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Will GiveWell fund Eave tubes to control malaria by 1st January 2027?

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23rd Oct
Josh Hart
Josh Hart 13:55

GiveWell has recommended grants to over 10 charities over the years. They are currently investigating 12 charity areas with other areas of research in the pipeline including Eave tubes to control malaria.

** The following is taken directly from GiveWell’s explanation of the topic. **

“Eaves are the gaps between the roof and the walls of a house. Eave tubes are tubes with insecticide-treated netting that are inserted into eaves. The insecticide is designed to kill mosquitoes when they try to enter the house.

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A 2019 Cochrane review of housing interventions to prevent malaria transmission (Furnival-Adams et al. 2021) indicated that while one initial trial of eave tubes demonstrated reduced mosquito density, additional research on the impact of eave tubes on clinical malaria is needed. We conducted a light review and identified one ongoing randomized trial examining the impact of eave tubes on cases of clinical malaria, scheduled to be completed in November 2020.

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We will revisit this intervention when evidence on its effect on clinical malaria becomes available.“