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Will GiveWell fund Eyeglasses to improve workers' manual dexterity by 1st January 2027?

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19th Oct
Josh Hart
Josh Hart 20:17

GiveWell has recommended grants to over 10 charities over the years. They are currently investigating 12 charity areas with other areas of research in the pipeline including Eyeglasses to improve workers' manual dexterity

**The following is a very brief summary of GiveWell’s explanation of the topic **

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"Suffering from visual impairment may cause a loss of productivity at work, which may, in turn, affect incomes and employment opportunities. These economic effects are likely to be especially pronounced for individuals who rely on their manual dexterity (fine motor control) and/or visual discrimination for their work.

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Reddy et al. 2018 is an RCT conducted on tea pickers in Assam, India. It found that, among the population of workers diagnosed with presbyopia, those randomly selected to receive eyeglasses experienced a 21.7% increase in productivity (95% confidence interval: 18.6-24.8%), measured in terms of the weight of tea picked, relative to those who did not.

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There have been no studies on the effect of being given eyeglasses on the productivity of those who rely on their manual dexterity who work inside.“