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Will the East African Federation be established by 2030?

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23rd Oct
Josh Hart
Josh Hart 14:24

The following is taken from the introduction to the wikipedia page of the topic:

"The East African Federation is a proposed political union of the seven sovereign states of the East African Community in the African Great Lakes region  – Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda – as a single federated sovereign state. The idea of this Federation has existed since the early 1960s, but has not yet come to fruition for a variety of reasons.In September 2018, a committee was formed to begin the process of drafting a regional constitution, and a draft constitution for the confederation was set to be written by the end of 2021 with its implementation by 2023; however, it is likely that this deadline will be missed.

While the East African Federation has not yet been established, many steps have been taken to advance this eventual goal. Institutions and governing bodies already exist for the eventual union of these nations, with representatives from all of the related nations working together towards this common goal.

The seven nations united within the East African community are marred by political corruption and overpowering states and hindered by their incompatibilities in terms of language and ethnic divisions.The region hopes to overcome these barriers to reap the economic benefits a union could offer to this immense and growing population."

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